"At Cotswold Apps we build Mobile Apps with a difference"

Who Are We

Cotswold Apps is the brainchild of Paul Harding. Paul is a software developer with over 20 years consulting experience in companies of all sizes. Paul brings a wealth of working knowledge, particularly in an Agile Environment that we have adopted by building apps based on Features.

What do we do

At Cotswold Apps we build Mobile Apps with a difference.

Who we work with

We are looking for people with ideas that have found a gap in the market. This excites us and we love working with you on a new venture.

It's about cool Ideas

We believe that ideas will mostly be for a purpose, thus if your App is for a 'gap in the market', you will be able to base this on pay-as-go principle. This is what we call a Subscription Model. Just like one of our apps Lazy Slippers. Built for a single nursery on a subscription basis and now being taken to other nurseries with no custom features, a simple subscription based offering.

Feature Lists

We price our Apps by feature. A feature is the key element of any piece of software. We build the App initially using your top features and then let the users decide new features. We keep your feature list for the lifetime of your App; you will always have access to your feature list. The process we follow by doing this has a name, is it called Agile.

Subscription Model

A subscription model is the new way to pay for products. A lot of software vendors now are moving from one-off licenses to monthly or quarterly payments, to spread the cost.

Using the web portal, you can invite users and administer thier subscriptions.

A good example of the subscription model for an app is for a Tennis Club. The users get insight into the club's events, can book classes and read newsletters and buy balls. Once it is working for a single Tennis Club, you would be able to sell this to other Tennis Clubs for a subscription fee, giving you a passive income.

Running Costs

To host the App infrastructure, along with the Helpdesk there is a monthly cost of £50+VAT.

New Features Costs

New Features priced individually and when required. They will always be visible on your portal.

Return Of Investment (ROI)

Base features, no new Features added:

App Build Cost: £2500 +VAT

Running Costs: £50 + VAT per month

Total Outgoing:

  1. Year 1: £3100 + VAT
  2. Year 2: £600 + VAT
  3. etc.

If you charge £50 a month, and start with 'X' subscribers with a build cost and 1 year hosting costs totally £3,100 (prices ex VAT).

  1. (£50 x 12) x 1 = £600 = £0 (-£3,100)
  2. (£50 x 12) x 2 = £1200 (£-1,900)
  3. (£50 x 12) x 3 = £1800 (£-1300)
  4. (£50 x 12) x 4 = £2400 (£-700)
  5. (£50 x 12) x 5 = £3000 (£-100)
  6. (£50 x 12) x 6 = £3600 (£500)
  7. (£50 x 12) x 7 = £4200 (£1,100)
  8. (£50 x 12) x 8 = £4800 (£1,700)
  9. (£50 x 12) x 9 = £5400 (£2,300)
  10. (£50 x 12) x 10 = £6000 (£2,900)