Launching Your App Idea Into Orbit

We build you a subscription-based Mobile App worth talking about

Enabling you to make a passive income from your idea

Starting from an affordable £2,500 + VAT

Every app we develop is unique, so you’ll have a product that’s specific to your concept and meets the exact needs of your target market.

We work with you to brainstorm as many app ideas for your app as you have, then we pick the top 5 and build these for as little as £2,500 + VAT. This is an IoS And Android App to Store for an affordable entry point.

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We deliver Rock Solid, Scalable Apps

Mobile App & Infrastructure

A Native App (meaning specific written for a smart phone, not a website pretending to be an App) and the relevant Infrastructure to run your Mobile App.

Landing Page & App Administration

A single landing page to promote your App and web administration to manage Subscriptions and Invite Users.

Self Service Help

Using Freshdesk, we set up a self-service Help Desk for you to administer your user queries. Here you can write help articles or even add help videos.

We Pine for Key Features

  • We are ideas people; we will help you develop your ideas and add them to your App. This is your Feature List
  • We then order your features into priority, taking the top 5 and with a firm shake of the hand, we start the build of your App.
  • We ask for 50% upfront and the other 50% once the App is available on the IoS and Android store. We think that is fair and we hope you do too.
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We Adore App Insights

  • Our apps track engagement, showing how your customers are engaging with your Apps content through a web dashboard.
  • You can then see how your App is performing, opening up new opportunities and features.
  • Your incredibly valuable information will enable you to keep your customers best interests at heart.

We Crave Data

  • Your App's data is valuable to you; using this data correctly can make the world your oyster.
  • Big Data is a 'buzz' word for a store of information that is available as datasets on the Internet.
  • Your App can tap into this powerful resource to reveal vital insights giving you a considerable reach into new openings.

We Launch Your App

Through Expertise

Over 20 years of software development knowledge goes a long way to making sure your App is right, on-time, to budget and performs as to the agreed Features.

Through Growth

Developing features that your customers have told you about and help your App grow and be loved.

Through Learning

We are always available to help you build new features, solve issues and improve your App’s performance any time. We don't deliver the app and walk away.